15 Things to Know About Queensland’s Little Ghost

1. Just a Day at the Lake

Just a Day at the

What began as a day for fun and swimming in the Australian sun, ended up tarnishing this area for some of the locals who enjoy Queensland’s Murphy’s Hole in Lockyer River.

2. The Eerie Photo

The Eerie PhotoFacebook

Back in 2014, friends Kim Davison and Jessie Lu took a photo at Murphy’s Hole with just them and three children. The photo though, appears to show four children, one of whom, is difficult to make out, save for the outline.

3. Doreen O’Sullivan

Doreen O'SullivanUnsplash /

Even more disturbing than the apparent presence of a child that wasn’t there to begin with was the revelation that someone had in fact died in that very lake a century prior. Doreen O’Sullivan was 13 when she drowned in Murphy’s Hole.

4. Support

Supportlehni /

According to that same Brisbane Courier’s mention of O’Sullivan, Doreen was at the very least honored at her funeral by her peers, who “dressed in white, marching next to the hearse.”

5. “Considered Dangerous”

"Considered Dangerous"Pexels /

One would think that Murphy’s Hole might not be open to the public, given that the newspaper notice of O’Sullivan’s drowning notes that “the spot, which has always been considered dangerous, is known as Murphy’s Hole, and is over 20 foot deep.” We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t be too comfortable there.

6. Strange Things

Strange Thingscuncon /

According to Davison, the group had more surreal encounters than just the photo, including a grabbing of the leg, and Davison saying, “When I went back in for one last dip to cool off I did feel something behind me as I was walking out of water but tried to ignore it.”

7. Experts Weigh In

Experts Weigh Inmrganso /

Davison allowed a couple of “paranormal experts” to examine the picture, and they’ve decided that the shape is none other than the embodiment of O’Sullivan, who Davison is convinced is “an entity that exists in that spot in the creek.”

8. Other Spirits

Other SpiritsLichtmagnet /

The photo, which was posted on Facebook, has garnered comments from people who believe O’Sullivan isn’t the only spirit shown. Davison herself believes, “There are about four faces in the water.”

9. Toowoomba Ghost Chasers

Toowoomba Ghost ChasersToowoomba Ghost Chasers/Facebook

The Toowoomba Ghost Chasers were kind enough to post a negative of the picture on their Facebook, focusing on light flare. They claim that, “Light flare will always show up as black shadowing when the photo is inverted.. and in this case the light flare is coming from full sunlight reflecting off the water onto the child.” The Ghost Chasers’ Facebook is currently unavailable to the public.

10. Everyone’s Nervous

Everyone's NervousUnsplash /

Even the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, as it happens, were disturbed by the discovery of the shape in the water, saying, “We used to swim there all the time growing up and all I can say is just to be safe I’m never swimming there again!”

11. Only Seven People There

Only Seven People ThereUnsplash /

Davison insists that only seven people were at Murphy’s Hole when the photo was taken, “There was only three children there on that day. Two adults in the water and two adults on the bank.”

12. Nothing Between

Nothing BetweenLarisa-K /

Davison added that, “At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us.” Spooky, right? It would be interesting if it really was just a trick of the light.

13. Facebook Group Continues to Weigh In

Facebook Group Continues to Weigh InSupplied

Some members of the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers group agreed with Davison that there were more ghosts in the photo than just O’Sullivan, who they assumed had also drowned there in the past, including one possible “Grantham flood victim.” All we can say is we don’t plan on paying Murphy’s Hole a visit anytime soon.

14. The Cynics Have Their Turn

The Cynics Have Their Turndimitrisvetsikas1969 /

Unlike the Ghost Chasers, Max Meara doesn’t believe the explanation is a supernatural one, “The eye sees what it wants to see. In my opinion, it’s nothing more than a splash of water.” Wait, what? That’s a pretty circular splash of water.

15. The Doubt Persists

The Doubt PersistsSkitterphoto /

Similarly to Meara, Brad Glynn thinks a supernatural occurrence isn’t quite what’s happening in the photo, rather, he believes that “the sun is over exposed more on the face as they are facing the sun.” That sounds pretty logical, right?


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15 Things to Know About Queensland’s Little Ghost

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